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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2012 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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pleased that you underscored the things the department of labour does. most folks do not fully understand that we have made, through the leadership of the administration and the president, some investments in reforming our program. this is unlike anything we have seen in the past decade. we are challenging, at the ground level, change. it is reflective of the marketplace. it is you telling us these are the factors. here are the market figures, service, and reports. we expect to train people up for these jobs. that is what is driving funding for these new efforts. some of these programs are under fire. we need to make sure that we are successful, accountable, transparent, and that all of our partners are engage. we are not messing around.
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we mean business. it is a whole way of looking at job training, preparing for the competitive edge we need for the 21st century. i am excited that one of those great awards came here. >> mayor, you are doing a great job. it is good to see you, secretary. as the ceo of, there are over 50,000 companies posting almost 80,000 internships. the technology issue, it is important to note that young people want to be notified of their internships via tweeting. we notified young people of part-time jobs, entry-level
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jobs, and internships. the fastest-growing sector of the internship market is social media. the most number of internships reversing posted, from a growth perspective, a 26% increase from last year. internships are now year round. they are no longer just in the summer. as we heard from jawbone, a great product, 10% of their stuff our interns. internships are the new interview. if you want to get a job, get an internship. seven out of 10 people that in turn with a company get a full time offer by a company. that is an amazing statistic, seven out of 10. he going with internships. heat supporting the technology. the only thing i would ask -- the secretary has done so much.
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the 16 to 24-year-old market has a 20% unemployment, versus the general population. we have to fix that. we are going to have a cultural war, the likes of which we have never seen, between our aging workers and our young people. we cannot allow young people to stay at this high level of unemployment. keep up the good work. they are using mobile phones. they want to be notified on twitter and facebook. they want to be emailed. this is how it is happening today. they want to be pushed opportunity. they do not want to come back to the web sites. it is an interesting dynamic. one of the things i would ask the secretary to look at it is -- we have a government platform for municipalities. the funding for social media is
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almost nonexistent in the workforce development area. there are old-time job boards. when i go to see cory booker in the work, who bought a platform from us, they have to find money somewhere else. they wanted a social media solution. that is where everybody is searching for jobs. >> how islington thinking about this? -- how is linkedin, thinking about this? >> we are hiring 174 in terms this summer. thank god i am not looking for a job right now. i would not get a job, competing with you guys. [laughter] we also have a student jobs
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center, where we allow any corporation to post a summer internship or entry-level job for free. that is a huge place for students to come and find student-friendly jobs. we have a veterans initiative as well. our summer unemployment rate is even higher in the bracket you referenced. we offer a subscription for any veteran. we are really proud of that. we also allow our platform for veteran-friendly jobs. i would encourage that. i do not know if the interns in this room have linkedin profiles. i would strongly encourage you
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to develop one. some students do not come from families where parents have gone to college. they tend to be in different networks. if you ask people who are not in the military, if they know anybody in the military, the answer is they do not. it is a huge problem that those sectors are so separate. one of the great things about linkedin is that you will be connected to an extraordinary network. i want to comment on the idea of a skills gap. this is a huge problem. i know you are facing this. there are 3.7 million jobs available in the u.s. right now. whenever we can do to support the efforts -- the idea of
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investing more into jobs training, or supporting these jobs training programs, we want to be part of that. we have a unique position. we are spending more time looking at that mismatch of skills. what did that skills gap look like? how big is the gap? is it just the six week course? or is the gap larger the amount? we are having geographic and job function information. >> the other piece of that equation that we are thinking a lot about in san francisco -- once you have assessed a skills gap, you begin to work with the training components enabling those, whether they are higher ad or the non-profit sector. there are jobs that are current or coming. we are trying to build the continuing, so the gaps are assessed correctly, the training
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components are appropriate and adequate, and there are opportunities waiting. we have about nine minutes. here is what i am going to try to do. i am going to go to susan, and then to chris. i want to go down to glenn. we are going to finish with a young person. so andrew, get ready. >> the social media point -- i think particularly, we need to focus on the underserved communities. if you think about it, social media levels the playing field. everybody has an equal voice. but a lot of our communities are not using the social web for a purpose, such as looking for a job. 93% of recruiters, after the recruiting, are using social networking, whether it is linkedin, facebook, or twitter. we do need to educate the
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community that that is what they need to be more active on, is social networking. i am told that kids from east palo alto, working at facebook -- they say, "you are the first professional i have ever met." we take that for granted. but i want to note that collectively, we can make a difference. at the same time, we are addressing the digital divide it by encouraging these communities to be more comfortable in leveraging social media. >> what is exciting about what is happening in san francisco -- we have big companies and small companies who have said, "i am in. there are a number of them. >> in the beginning, we had about 50 employees, and now we are up to 64. we hired three interns.
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we wanted to hire more. some of them turned us down. we are looking to continue to hire a lot more. someone who started their career in politics understands the importance of internships, and the value of the soft skills. there is really, going back to what makes said, a gap between the soft skills and the hard skills. at a startup, we are trying to hire people here in san francisco, and we keep increasing our employee referral bonus to bring in more people. we just cannot find the people. we are looking for what every company is looking for. it is interesting. i live by dolores park. mission high school is right there. on one side, the google bus drops off. on the other side, facebook. we're trying to take advantage of the opportunity of the technology companies here in san
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francisco, and integrate them with the school system. you can see that throughout san francisco. we have zynga and twitter. with soft skills, it is important in any internship. but america is falling behind on the hard skills, the technology gap. i will give you an example. i have an mba and a j.d.. we had a guy who graduated from college a year ago. he was not even that good a developer. he had four months of work experience. the minimum amount he would accept was 60,000. the jobs are out there. >> a minute on roberto, a minute on glenn, a minute on monica, and two minutes on angela. >> talking about the technology
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gap, we are encouraging coating. we invite any student with a student i.d. to come up. we will teach them everything they need to know. they just need to be able to type on a computer. we will teach them programming. it is a two week program. it is not as fantastic as an internship, but at least it gives them a chance to work with other students in teams and showcase their talents, and it is worth their time. i encourage other companies to train as much as possible. >> thank you very much for inviting us, and for all the attention. the non-profit sector has a really important role in this effort. goodwill industries, which ran
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the program, has targeted disconnected youth coming from some of the neighborhoods that have the highest rate of violence in the city. we are very proud of that. we are very proud of the three interns' we have here. we talked about the seven weeks of boot camp. there are also 18 to 26 months after word of intensive support and training, including training on facebook and a host of other things. it is about hard skills. it is about soft skills. it is about staying with the person overtime. the non-profit sector is also about job creation as well. in the last seven years, good will has grown from 315 jobs to over 900 jobs in the bay area. our warehouse facility, which teaches supply chain logistics, is now qualified to get community college credits. we just invested $250,000 to
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upgrade our where horse -- warehouse to have the technology necessary. let us create a partnership to drive the training on the business side, the community side, and the education side. >> we are one of the largest networks for student graduates. we were a technology program for summer jobs at the national level. we had committed to helping employers tired 25,000 summer -- we got a 30,000 summer jobs and internships as of yesterday. something is working. at the city level, we basically can't act to 2200 students with summer jobs and internships. my point that i want adam, i agree with robin and social media. it is important to point out that if it wasn't for their
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efforts to enact and encourage students to use this technology, we would not have had 2200 kids looking at the jobs. allocating the money, we will take it, but make sure that the community based organizations and the staff are there to do this. >> the department of families, work force development. >> a real motivator to become a partner was that we focused cradle to primary, and we realized it was scary because there was no place for students to go. they were the motivated in terms of doing well. there wasn't a lot of motivation, the city was losing real talent. people were going to college and
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not coming back. our motivator was to extend from courier to next career. i applaud the department of labor for working together on that because i think k-12 and post secondary with each program, you're missing a huge opportunity. it is a first, i think. the other thing i would like to applaud you for is the focus of home administration on making sure that it was the strategy using the program that was wielding the outcomes that we want. i applaud that and i hope that all of us will join forces to collect the evidence to be able to focus the dollars where they can do the most good. >> to that point, andrew and then the second. >> stand up.
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>> i am a student and an intern, and i want to say that having a job is such a good -- in my junior year of high school, i was hired by a nonprofit organization. we had really good experiences. in a few weeks, i am going to major in political science have five years from now, i want to see more of it. >> i would tell you that every one of you has really contributed so much by way of conversation today and also by example. i hope we can incentivize other
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cities, locales, and other elected officials because we are all in this together. as a result of the, everyone adopting the vision that we can get it done has proven itself true. we still have an opportunity to boost the number for it. i am going to keep pushing the mayor and i will keep pushing all of our social network partners as well as the non- profits and the other people that are not here at the table that need to hear about the good things that are working. it is a whole new day. it is competitive out there, but when this administration came to office, the ratio was about 7 to 1. how it is about halfway there. we tightened up, and there is a mismatch, but there is the fact that we have people around the country that are highly trained
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and are not mobile because of economics. we have jobs cropping up in different industries. not everybody wants to go in north dakota. but do they fit the bill that you talked about? had the right skills that? that is what we have to be concerned about, that everyone has a level playing field and we give everyone the right access to those schools that they need. our hope is that we can start to see those things happen in use the things that do work, hopefully this is just an issue that will be sufficient to have a model program that we can replicate around the country. we are not waiting for congress to act, this is an executive decision that we made to change the direction of how we are moving the work force investment programs overall because we have young people, people in the
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middle of the road in their careers that have been working on one job but for the next 20 years that may have less than an eighth grade education. we have big challenges and people that are very highly skilled and we want to keep them. so we wanted to a bunch of other things to make sure we incentivize that and make sure we can make investments in the usa. myopias that the product that you will sell and make them produce are going to have that seal of approval and we can sell it anywhere. that is fine, but let's make it here and make sure that we give credit to those people that are the innovators, the movers, the shakers. it is all about us at the table and it has been a very delightful morning for me. i hope to have many more like this and so we can reference looking at all the good things that are happening. if it can happen here, it can happen in other parts of the
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country that have those dynamics going on and have them focus on what really works in looking at it a little differently, treaty of bed so that you can have a greater impact because we have limited dollars. we have to be fiscally accountable. we don't have an environment conducive to putting money out there for everything that people want. we have to be very judicial about it, but also keeping in mind that we have vulnerable communities out there, and that is what this is about. i am excited about what you all are doing and i want to say a big thank you. i know the president is very excited about the work happening out here. he knows and understands that we have a lot more to do, but we can't do it alone. we're counting on you to help us. the key for having me, superintendent.
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spread the word. the social media, whatever it takes. congratulations to the students that are here. you are our shining light. our hope that we will have great things to look forward to in this country because of you. we are here to help you in any way we can. >> there are kids and families
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ever were. it is really an extraordinary playground. it has got a little something for everyone. it is aesthetically billion. it is completely accessible. you can see how excited people are for this playground. it is very special. >> on opening day in the brand- new helen diller playground at north park, children can be seen swinging, gliding, swinging, exploring, digging, hanging, jumping, and even making drumming sounds. this major renovation was possible with the generous donation of more than $1.5 million from the mercer fund in honor of san francisco bay area philanthropist helen diller. together with the clean and safe neighborhood parks fund and the city's general fund. >> 4. 3. 2. 1. [applause]
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>> the playground is broken into three general areas. one for the preschool set, another for older children, and a sand area designed for kids of all ages. unlike the old playground, the new one is accessible to people with disabilities. this brand-new playground has several unique and exciting features. two slides, including one 45- foot super slide with an elevation change of nearly 30 feet. climbing ropes and walls, including one made of granite. 88 suspension bridge. recycling, traditional swing, plus a therapeutics win for children with disabilities, and even a sand garden with chines and drums. >> it is a visionary $3.5 million world class playground in the heart of san francisco. this is just really a big, community win and a celebration for us all. >> to learn more about the helen diller playground in dolores
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park, go to ♪ >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center. it is the only facility that has an integrated swimming pool and recreation center combined. we have to pools, the city's water slide, for little kids and those of you that are more daring and want to try the rockslide, we have a drop slide. >> exercises for everybody.
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hi have a great time. the ladies and guys that come, it is for the community and we really make it fun. people think it is only for those that play basketball or swim. >> i have been coming to the pool for a long time now. it is nice, they are sweet. >> in the aquatics center, they are very committed to combining for people in san francisco. and also ensuring that they have public safety. >> there are a lot of different personalities that come through here and it makes it very exciting all the time. they, their family or teach their kids have a swim.
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>> of the gem is fantastic, there is an incredible program going on there, both of my girls have learned to swim there. it is a fantastic place, check it out. it is an incredible indication of what bonn dollars can do with our hearts and facilities. it is as good as anything you will find out why mca. parents come from all over. >> there are not too many pools that are still around, and this is one-stop shopping for kids. you can bring your kid here and have a cool summer. >> if you want to see some of the youth and young men
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throughout san francisco play some great pickup games, come wednesday night for midnight basketball. on saturdays, we have a senior lyons dance that has a great time getting exercise and a movement. we have all the music going, the generally have a good time. whether it is awkward camp or junior guard. >> from more information, visit
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